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Meavy Amateur Dramatics

madposterlandscapebgNext Panto in 2016 is The Legend of Meavy Hollow!!!

Next rehearsal is on Thursday 26th November, at Meavy Parish Hall.  We will be rehearsing Act Two, Scene 11: ‘Wrecking Meavy’ and Scene 12: ‘A French Haunting’.  For full details of this and other rehearsal dates and production dates see Next Panto.

Coming up . . .

A Christmas Carol – Saturday 19th December, 6:30 pm – St Peter’s Church, Meavy

See A Christmas Carol for further information.


Turnip & Sprout Ride Out

Our most recent production was our annual Pantomime:

Turnip and Sprout Ride Out

DVD now available.  See Panto 2015 for photos.

Do you remember The Harp in Jack and the Beanstalk?

Well there is now a folk song about it!  See Panto 2011.